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What characteristics a good yoga tutor needs to have

1. Authenticity

Authenticity is one of the most important characteristics of an experienced yoga tutor. Well-qualified yoga tutors can boast of huge energy and passion to teach other people.

2. Generosity

A good yoga tutor wants to share all their skills and knowledge with their students. A good yoga tutor doesn't hide any secrets from their students.

3. Preparation

A good teacher knows which direction their class goes and what main purposes their class has. For this, a yoga tutor needs to take a time to prepare.

4. Empowerment

A good yoga tutor needs to educate and empower their students. If you are a yoga tutor you need to explain how to do asanas but also principles used for the improvement of the asanas.

5. Adaptability

A good yoga tutor arranges challenges for their students in order to stimulate them. Each yoga practice is unique and has an individual approach.

6. Trust

Even though we don't have industry guidelines for relationships between a teacher and student, they need to be absolutely confident.

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Enhance your yoga skills with our professional tutor


Our professional yoga courses are intended for yoga tutors with different levels of preparation. We help you become a successful yoga tutor and build your own individual teaching style.

What you learn at our yoga classes:

  • How to communicate with your students effectively

    Teaching yoga is a difficult practice. You need to show your students how to do easy and difficult asanas as well as to explain the mechanism of yoga. A student needs to understand all the practices involved in this process.

  • How to do complicated asanas

    At our online yoga classes, you will learn to do exclusive and complicated yoga asanas as well as to explain the main principles of these asanas to your students.

  • The most effective pranayama and meditation practices

    At our online yoga classes, you will explore your body as well as mind. You will learn the best pranayama and meditation techniques, that will help you boost your energy, relax after a hard day, improve your health, and develop your own characteristics, that you want.

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